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HORNER Electric

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HE697THM260 8 channel thermocouple input module for Series 90-70

HE693CPU701 Horner Electric

HE693DLL300 PCIF-30 Windows DLL, single license

HE693DLL308 PCIF-30 Windows DLL, multi-license (8)

HE693DNT250 DeviceNet Scanner (master) module for Series 90-30.

HE693DNT350 DeviceNet Scanner (master) module for Series 90-30.

HE693DNT750 DeviceNet slave module for Series 90-30.

HE693IBS100 Horner Slave Module InterBus-S for 9030

HE693PBM100 Profibus DP master module for Series 90-29

HE693PBM101 Profibus DP master module for Series 90-30

HE693PBS105 Profibus DP slave module

HE693CDC300 CAN data concentrator of SER300 required for connectivitiy

HE693CBLSNP 9-pin RS-232 cable only

HE693CAL101 CAN Open Horner

HE300GEN100 Genius Communications Interface for GE AF-300E

HE660CGM424 HORNER Port for GENIUS Programmable Coprocessor With Port

HE660GGM100 Horner Electric

HE670ACC100 Field Control Input Simulator 8 point

HE670IBU100 Field Control Interbus S Bus Interface Unit

HE670RLY168 Field Control 16 Pt High Current Relay Output, 15 Form A and 1 Form C Contacts


HE693ASC222 Horner HE693ASC222 Basic Module

HE693ASC224 Horner HE693ASC224 Basic Module

HE693ASC940 ASCII BASIC module for Series 90-30 with 32k EEPROM, 32k NVRAM,

1 - 24 of 58

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