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  These courses aim to introduce participants to repairs of industrial electronic circuits and components. Participants will learn the repairs methods through hands-on testing and experiments. They will be exposed to the theories of industrial electronics repairs and Fictron’s 10 years experience in repairing techniques. Our courses are designed to cater from the novice all the way to the most experienced. Those who pass this course will get an insight of electronic design through the experiments as well. Our satisfactory rate has been over 95% percent so far. Join us Today!


  Industrial Electronic Repair Level 1 will teach a beginner how to use basic equipment to be able to troubleshoot industrial control electronic boards. They will learn about safety of the devices and themselves and will be exposed to a very practical approach towards electronic repair right from the start so they can test each and every component and troubleshoot simple boards upon the completion of the course. The participants will gain a good practical knowledge of soldering, desoldering & maintaining through-hole PCB boards with minimum risks. Click Here to learn more about Industrial Electronic Repair Level 1.

  Industrial Electronic Repair Level 2 will teach an electronic technician about advanced methods of repair & equipment in general. Troubleshooting in depth will be discussed along each topic (Analog and Digital Circuitry). Through experiments, they will be experiencing the behavior of each and every component in detail to be able to troubleshoot 'without a schematic diagram' and by only 'observing the damaged circuit's behavior'. The participants will gain a good practical knowledge of SMT soldering, SMT desoldering & maintaining SMT PCB boards with minimum risks. Upon completion of the Level 2 course, they will be able to do repair on PCB tracks as well. Click Here to learn more about Industrial Electronic Repair Level 2.


Industrial Electronic Repair
Industrial Electronic Repair
Duration: 3 Days Duration: 3 Days
  • Introduction to Electronics: Voltage, Current, Ground, Resistance, Open/Short Circuit.
  • Electronic testing Equipment: Multimeter, Oscilloscope:
  • Voltmeter, Ammeter & Ohmmeter mode.
  • Electronic components:
  • Introduction, Identifying and Testing for Faulty Components
  • Resistors, Color Code, Power Dissipation.
  • Fuses, Relays and Connectors.
  • Different Type of Diodes and Test Methods.
  • Capacitors: Testing, Coding, Safety & Discharging Methods.
  • Coils, Transformers, Transistors, Integrated Circuit.
  • PCBs and their Types.
  • Basic, Rules, Safety & Techniques of Soldering & Desoldering.
  • Cleaning & Maintaining PCB Boards.
  • Introduction to Field-Effect Transistors (FET), Thyristors, Varistors, Loadcell, Current Transformers.
  • Operation, Testing, Troubleshooting & Repair.
  • Mastering the Oscilloscope.
  • Introduction to Schematics, Case Study & Component Functionality:
  • Rectifier: Half-wave, Full Wave, Regulators.
  • Various Amplifiers, Op-Amps.
  • Analog & Digital ICs Circuitry.
  • Radio Frequency Modulation Method; Transmitter & Receiver.
  • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC):
  • Structure, Industrial application &Standards.
  • Processor & I/O Modules.
  • Programming, Testing, & Repair of Components.
  • Introduction, Troubleshooting and Repair of Thermostat & Weight Meters.
  • Techniques and Safety of SMT Soldering and Desoldering.
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repair Techniques.




·         Engineers and technicians whom wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of electronic repairs and design.
·         Sales, Procurement, Management and non-technical staffs in electronics engineering or electronics supply and trading.
·         Anyone wishing to learn the fundamentals of electronic testing, design and repairs.

  Please note that the entering the Level 1 doesn't require any background in Electronics. For Level 2 however, the participant is required to have either a basic knowledge and experience in the electronics field or pass the Level 1 course first so they can fully benefit from the course.


  Theoretical sessions shall be followed by practical sessions with occasional quizzes. At the end of the course, participants will complete a project test kit in guidance of our trainers. We Guarantee your Satisfaction!


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Level 1
Month: Day:
JANUARY 8th – 10th 15th – 17th 22nd – 24th 29th – 30th
MARCH 5th – 7th 12th – 14th 19th – 21st 26th – 28th
MAY 7th – 9th 14th – 16th
JULY 2nd – 4th 9th – 11th 16th – 18th 23rd – 25th
SEPTEMBER 3rd – 5th 10th – 12th 17th – 19th 24th – 26th
NOVEMBER 5th – 7th 12th - 14th 19th – 21st 26th – 28th

Level 2
Month: Day:
FEBRUARY 12th – 14th 19th – 21st 26th – 28th
APRIL 9th – 11th 16th – 18th 23rd – 25th
JUNE 11th – 13th 18th – 20th 25th – 27th
AUGUST 6th – 8th 13th – 15th 20th – 22nd 27th – 29th
OCTOBER 1st – 3rd 8th – 10th 15th – 17th 22nd – 24th 29th – 31st
DECEMBER 3rd – 5th 10th – 12th 17th – 29th